Top Digital Marketing Talent Agency’s Predicts the Hottest Digital Jobs in 2020

1. Director of Growth Marketing

2020 is almost over, meaning it’s time to look ahead and plan our 2021 marketing strategies. This past year has been one dominated by digital transformation, but what will the next 12 months hold?

Of course, we can’t predict the future but using our collective knowledge as well as some…

A global pandemic, widespread social unrest and polarizing political events. With 2020 almost in the rearview mirror, is it wise to predict what next year holds? I think it’s worth a shot! Here are three big industry predictions, based on all that went down this year and overall trends we’re already seeing.

Digitization & diversification continues

One of the Internet’s greatest strengths is its ability to bring together people with similar interests in online communities, whether it’s computer gamers discussing strategy, guitar players trading advice on the latest gear or cancer survivors sharing their experiences and supporting each other.

Online user communities can be a powerful…

Social media marketing is the use of social media platforms to connect with your audience to build your brand, increase sales, and drive website traffic. This involves publishing great content on your social media profiles, listening to and engaging your followers, analyzing your results, and running social media advertisements.


After 2020’s great digital acceleration, ensure you have a plan to keep customers in the fold

If your New Year’s resolutions include keeping the customers who discovered you thanks to this year’s great digital acceleration, you’ll want to double down on smart retention tactics for your brand.

Consumer behavior has changed for good, but the good news is that your new customers don’t intend to drop…

Looking to launch a business this year? Welcome to our list of the best small business opportunities for 2020, chosen from across a variety of industries. To make the list, these businesses must:

  1. Have the potential to be profitable now and for many years in the future
  2. Be resilient in…

Top Digital Marketing Talent Agency’s Predicts the Hottest Digital Jobs in 2020

1. Director of Growth Marketing

There are so many Christmas traditions in the United States: trimming your Christmas tree, baking holiday cookies, and opening Christmas presents, to name a few. But what are Christmas traditions around the world like? You’ll soon find that many countries celebrate the holiday differently than the United States does. …

The United States of America has many different traditions and ways that people celebrate Christmas, because of its multi-cultural nature. Many customs are similar to ones in the UK, France, Italy, The Netherlands, Poland and Mexico.

The traditional meal for Western European families is turkey or ham with cranberry sauce…

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